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Hexa-ProjectGoogle Nexus 65 days ago2012
LineageOS 13Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge International14 days ago1059
AOSP-JF-7.0Samsung Galaxy S4 about 1 month ago2233,984
AOSP-GEMINI-7.1Xiaomi MI5about 1 month ago101,769
AOSP-JF-6.0Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505)2 months ago1470,273
AOSP-GEMINI-6.0Xiaomi MI52 months ago10874
AryaMod Note7 PortSamsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005)2 months ago309,118
AryaMod Note3Samsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005)3 months ago138,529
AryaMod Note5Samsung Galaxy Note53 months ago418,591
Nebula4eKernelHTC 104 months ago1029
Imperium LL RomSamsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505)4 months ago110224,613
Cyanogenmod 13.0Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)5 months ago7019,980
AryaMod S7 Edge PortSamsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005)5 months ago82139,997
Ale95 N5 PortSamsung Galaxy S4 5 months ago5055,441
Cyanogenmod12.1Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100)5 months ago304,175
DarkLord Note7Samsung Galaxy Note III (SM-N9005)6 months ago101,752
temasek-baconOnePlus One (A0001)6 months ago21075,804
Nameless Rom MMSamsung Galaxy Note 4 International7 months ago003
Optimized CM 13Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505)7 months ago8018,541
ICE 10HTC 108 months ago0052
InsertCoin_M9HTC ONE M99 months ago004,837
AOSP-JF-5.1Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505)10 months ago1321,729
Ale95 N5 Port N3Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A)10 months ago0016
Carbon Rom - [SM-P902]Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 3G (SM-P902)10 months ago0013
Seven Sense RevolutionHTC One Dual Sim10 months ago10415,436