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Ale95 N5 Port

Download Statistics

  • S7 Weather
  • S7 Music
  • S7 Calculator
  • S7 TouchWiz Home
  • S7 Clock
  • S7 S Planner
  • S7 S Health
  • S7 S Voice
  • S7 S Browser
  • S7 Fonts
  • N5 Messages (Floating Message supported)
  • N5 Keyboard
  • N5 Smart Manager
  • N5 Gallery
  • N5 Sound Alive
  • N5 Air Command
  • N5 Photo Editor
  • N5 Email
  • N5 My Files
  • N5 S Note/Action Memo
  • N5 Galaxy Apps
  • N5 WallpaperPicker
  • N5 Dialer and Contacts
  • N5 Smart Remote
  • N5 Video
  • N5 Voice Recorder
  • N5 Theme Store
  • N5 Theme Center
  • S6 Settings like N5
  • S6 SystemUI like N5
  • S6 edge People & Apps Edge -S4, N4 or S6 Camera [Selectable]


NameVersion numberAndroid versionPublished
Ale95-N5Port.V6.1-OTA220816-LMY4...201608206.0.0 Marshmallow12 months ago
Ale95-N5Port.V6.0-LMY47X.N920CXX...201607155.1.1 Lollipopabout 1 year ago
Ale95-N5Port.V5.1-OTA-LMY47X.N92...201605235.1.1 Lollipopabout 1 year ago
Ale95-N5Port.V5.0-LMY47X.N920CXX...201605205.1.1 Lollipopabout 1 year ago
Ale95-N5Port.V4.0-LMY47X.N920CXX...201603195.1.1 Lollipopover 1 year ago


There have been no addons added for this ROM yet.