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This is the latest build for the I9505-G Google Edition S4 official from Google/Samsung.

I have made quite a few optimizations to the ROM and added the tools necessary to give it the features (100% working features that is) of an AOSP ROM, Google edition does not use open source proprietary which mean's Bluetooth, and most importantly the camera will work way better out of the box since Samsung builds this ROM (Full HDR support, 1080p video recording, no green lines on the front cam)


NameVersion numberAndroid versionPublished
JFLTE-GPE-20151021.zip201510215.1.1 Lollipopover 1 year ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150919.zip201509195.1.1 Lollipopover 1 year ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150916.zip201509165.1.0 Lollipopover 1 year ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150914.zip201509145.1.1 Lollipopover 1 year ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150702201507025.0.1 Lollipopover 1 year ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150621201506215.0.1 Lollipopalmost 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150614201506145.0.1 Lollipopalmost 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150610201506105.0.1 Lollipopalmost 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150601201506015.0.1 Lollipopalmost 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150419201504195.0.1 Lollipopalmost 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150315201503155.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150303201503035.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150223201502235.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150210201502105.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150128201501285.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150123201501235.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150112201501125.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150105201501055.0.1 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150102201501025.0 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
JFLTE-GPE-20150101201501015.0 Lollipopabout 2 years ago
Danvdh-GPE-4.4.2-0111201420140116about 3 years ago


Stock GPE KernelDefaultalmost 2 years ago
CamerasDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Dark Contacts & DialerDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Digital Signal ProcessingDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Email AppsDefaultalmost 2 years ago
GalleriesDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Google Apps - Modular ...Defaultalmost 2 years ago
Google Apps - Nexus Ed...Defaultalmost 2 years ago
Live WallpapersDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Dark SettingsDefaultalmost 2 years ago
Cyanogen MusicDefaultalmost 2 years ago
CyanogenMod MessagingDefaultalmost 2 years ago
CyanogenMod LauncherDefaultalmost 2 years ago
CyanogenMod cLockDefaultalmost 2 years ago
AdAwayDefaultalmost 2 years ago