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Starting from CyanogenMod code, here what makes this ROM unique:

  • Improved speed, stability, RAM usage & battery drain
  • LEDify by JDCTeam - choose your favorite notification LED pattern at device's boot!
  • Toolbox by JDCTeam - the all-in-one device manager
  • Powered by Alucard kernel

And many, many more. Install and see yourself!

SUPPORTED DEVICES: All Galaxy S4 variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 are supported (only one ZIP file): * GT-I9505 * GT-I9505 * GT-I9505G * GT-I9507 * GT-I9508 * SCH-I545 * SCH-R970 * SGH-I337 * SGH-M919 * SPH-L720 * SGH-S970G * SM-S975L


JDC Team


NameVersion numberAndroid versionPublished
OptimizedCM-13-20160614-jflte.zip201606146.0.1 Marshmallow11 months ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160525-jflte.zip201605256.0.1 Marshmallow11 months ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160510-jflte.zip201605106.0.1 Marshmallow12 months ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160429-jflte.zip201604296.0.1 Marshmallow12 months ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160419-jflte.zip201604196.0.1 Marshmallowabout 1 year ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160329-jflte.zip201603296.0.1 Marshmallowabout 1 year ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160312-jflte.zip201603126.0.1 Marshmallowabout 1 year ago
OptimizedCM-13-20160311-jflte.zip201603116.0.1 Marshmallowabout 1 year ago


There have been no addons added for this ROM yet.