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SuperNexus 2.0

Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-i9100) faryaab 3,202 over 3 years ago

The main idea behind SuperNexus is to provide Vanilla Android experience, just like on Google's Nexus devices, to non-nexus devices. SuperNexus is entirely built from Google's AOSP Source. A lot of improvements and optimizations have been done to the Google's Source Code to have the best possible Vanilla Android Experience. SuperNexus is very light too as there are no 3rd party apps (ZERO Bloatware).

Big thanks to TeamHacksung as I'm using their Device Tree and SoC related patches in my SuperNexus ROM. Thanks to CyanogenMod Team (CM), CodeAurora and TeamKang (AOKP) as many features are cherry-picked from their source code

System Details:

  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (JOP40D - Android-4.2.1_r1)
  • Latest CM Kernel
  • All Jelly Bean Features and Apps (Nothing excluded from AOSP)
  • No Visual Changes!
  • Stock Jelly Bean Look and Feel
  • This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S III into a Nexus 4 


NameVersion numberAndroid versionPublishedDownloads
Milestone 1 (Milestone 1)over 3 years ago1,365


GApss 4.2.1 (12-12-2012)Defaultover 3 years ago489