Device Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-i9300)
Developers edgarf28
Downloads 65,896
Versions 2
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Published 2014-05-24

Presenting my first ROM:



This is my first ROM that I'm releasing. So be gentle, but I've done my best on this rom.

The rom is inspired by the amazing new Sony Xperia Z phone.

I've ported many apps and media directly from the Xperia Z system dump (10.1.A.1.434)


You will get, as close as it can be, the real Xperia Z experience on your Galaxy S III (i9300)


Rom Details:

- Based on the latest XXEMC2 firmware

- Stock kernel (with init.d support)

- VERY lite rom, removed all the Samsung bloatware (Rom is 412 MB including 33+ MB of original Sony Xperia Z Wallpapers)

- Fully Deodexed & Zip-aligned

- Various system init.d tweaks 

- Various build.prop tweaks: 

[*][B]Bravia engine v.2


[*]And many more...


- Hosts Ad-block 

- Includes original Samsung Camera app, latest Play Store, latest Superuser app & binary and BusyBox

- Multi Window Control mod by LegendK95 (have Multi Window for EVERY app installed)

- This will turn your Samsung Galaxy S III nearly into a Sony Xperia Z :laugh:

Download Statistics


Name Version Number Android Version Published
v.0.9.9 XXEMC3 LITE (0.9.9) over 5 years ago
v.0.9.9 XXEMC3 FULL AROMA (0.9.9) over 5 years ago
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