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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) JFLTE-GPE MattBooth 766 over 3 years ago
  • Updated SU
  • Updated Busybox
  • Updater ktoonsez kernel
    • ktoonservativeq: Added new tunable called super_conservative. When enabled (enter a 1) this will dramitacally reduce the bouncing effect from Min Mhz and the amount of hotplugging. Performance may take a hit for the really picky user but 95% of the people that have been testing say its not enough to bother them.
    • Linux 3.4.76
    • Tweaked disable hotplugging while music/video is playing option.
  • Updated google keyboard
  • Updated google search
  • Updated google play services
  • Updated Gravity BOx
  • Reverted bionic binary
  • more adjustments to the build.prop
  • Disabled ROM/kernel debug logging for more speed
  • The ultimate clean up build, I've checked with all the s

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