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Samsung Galaxy S4 Ale95 N5 Port alemtro95 2,277 27 days ago
  • Ported Samsung Browser v5 (Nougat)
  • Fixed crash in S Planner widget
  • Updated S Music to latest version
  • Ported and fully working S7 Clock
  • Fully fixed S7 Weather
  • Updated framework files and added new edits
  • Added European Multi-CSC with some new features enabled
  • Fixed Contacts #1 long press FC
  • Added back weather widget in lock screen (can't be disabled)
  • Ported S7 Calculator
  • Fixed Gallery not show video thumbnail
  • Fixed Gallery Auto Adjust FC
  • Updated S Health to v5.0
  • Ported S7 S Voice with VoiceWakeUp fully working
  • Fixed S Voice FC when change Voice Command
  • Fixed all the issues with TTS Engine
  • Replaced S4 build.prop by N5 one edited with lmk of S5 Neo for work in S4
  • Fixed S Planner widget not appear in launcher
  • Fixed Ambient Display from settings
  • Minor fixes

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MD5 65c8c2ac5c8c5062bc0f784243958fe4
Size 472 MB
Android Version 6.0.0 Marshmallow
Downloads 2,277
Bandwidth Used 1.02 TB

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