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Samsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005) AryaMod Note7 Port kmokhtar79 1,717 3 months ago

V2 Changes:

  • Fixed Always on Display
  • Fixed Night clock
  • Fixed Samsung Cloud
  • Fixed 3dot menu lag on user apps
  • Fixed Hotspot
  • Fixed Photo Editor
  • Fixed Contact search FC issue
  • Fixed Flashlight Toggle
  • Added Ambient Display Toggle in framework and general
  • Added Xposed Framework and Installer in Aroma
  • Added Omni Switch
  • Added Emoji Switcher
  • Updated SuperSu to v2.78-SR3
  • Updated Busybox to v1.25.1

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MD5 2945a40a01a13ce2cf51a324850eaf88
Size 1.51 GB
Android Version 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Downloads 1,716
Bandwidth Used 2.54 TB
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