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Samsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005) AryaMod S7 Edge Port kmokhtar79 19,332 about 1 year ago

v6.2 Changes (OTA Update):

  • Schedule Message fixed
  • Updated Sound effect for stock mod
  • Updated GPS configuration
  • Fixed assigning buttons to custom apps that used to cause phone reboot
  • Set any Color, Gradient for Power Menu Background
  • Signal Style, immigrate between stock or IOS dot style signal
  • Notification bg shape; stock/Rounded
  • Notification bg color set on fly
  • Notification panel Carrier label
  • Device info customization on Notification panel
  • Multilingual Calculator, Message, Svoice and Voice record

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MD5 dada7d9881a7c1b4e9cf35a1a3d05d25
Size 1.69 GB
Android Version 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Downloads 19,332
Bandwidth Used 31.9 TB
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