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##V6.3 Changes

  • LSSKernel Updated to v3.3rc
    • Added Real Pac s LSSKernel Profile
    • Added Kernel Auditor-Mod (built from source)
    • Updated SNote
    • Updated 3Minit Battery Mod
    • Fixed Scroll Capture Producing Faulty Image
    • Low Battery Warning Percentage
    • Critical Battery Warning Percentage
    • Lockscreen Display Timeout
    • Switch Lockscreen Rotation
    • Switch Swipe Screen Text in Lockscreen
    • Switch Connected USB/Charger text in Lockscreen
    • Switch Custom Color/bg for Toggles
    • Restored Toggles Animation on Stock Themes
    • Removed Alpha Channel from Statusbar Icons
    • Brightness Thumb (Handle) Color
    • Brightness Progress bar Color
    • Brightness Checkbox Color
    • Brightness Icon Color
    • Brightness Text Label Color
    • Notification BG Transparency (both round and square)
    • Added Timestamp Colorizing to Notification Background TEXT
    • Removed Alpha Channel from Statusbar Icons
    • IOS Signal Style: Added Round Corner for Recent Task Windows
    • Removed Statusbar Background Dimming on Power Saving Mod
    • Aroma: Added Smart Manager Note7 (3 choices now)
    • Aroma: Added Note7 Launcher (3 choices now)

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