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Samsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005) AryaMod S7 Edge Port kmokhtar79 37,753 8 months ago

General Changes:

  • LSSKernel Updated to 3.5UX
  • SuperSu 2.78
  • Fixed NFC
  • Fixed Music control applying changes on fly
  • Added Notification Panel Date Gesture: SinglePress opens clock settings and LongPress opens Alarm
  • Added Notification Panel Data Usage Preferences: Visibility, color and more
  • Added Toast Animations UI Framework
  • Updated Music and Video apps

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MD5 022121911a15344b5866f57f483d4c93
Size 1.68 GB
Android Version 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Downloads 37,753
Bandwidth Used 61.8 TB
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