Samsung Galaxy Note (SM-N9005) AryaMod S7 Edge Port kmokhtar79 9,337 over 1 year ago
  • Based on [B]G935FXXU1APEK[/B] Official Firmware for GALAXY S7 EDGE (SM-G935F)
  • Added Note 5 features
  • Rooted with Superuser 2.74 (System Mode)
  • Optimized, Deodexed, De-Knoxed
  • Installed Busybox 1.24.2
  • Init.d Support
  • Debloated
  • Multi CSC, 173 sale codes
  • [B]Aroma Installer
  • ROM Control
  • Sound Control
  • OTA Update[/B]
  • Supporting all snapdragon variants
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Disabled Signature checks
  • Enabled "Choose app to complete action"
  • Enabled all apps in Multiwindows
  • Working private mode
  • Added Autostart management in settings
  • Statusbar clock and date style in Settings>Date and time
  • Statusbar network traffic in Settings>Display
  • Dashboard fovorite column number in settings increased to 4
  • Increased favorite QuickSettings Maximum number to 16 tiles
  • Enabled outdoor mode toggle in Settings>Display
  • Enabled Display scaling in Settings>Display
  • Added ListView animation in Settings>Display
  • Enabled Touch key light duration option in Settings>Display
  • Added LED indicator settings in settings>display
  • Increased animation scales array in settings>development option>animation scales or from ROM Control>phone mods>advanced function menu
  • Enabled "Device Status Official" - Removed SysScope dependency
  • Added ROM info in Settings>About Device>Software info
  • Fixed scroll capture black screen after screenshot
  • Eabled Users settings
  • Enabled Smart Manager icon in app drawer
  • Added Torchlight Settings
  • Modded Messaging App
  • Enabled Identify unsaved numbers, show info about unsaved phone number on the call screen and in the Phone log
  • Enabled Swipe notification to left would block apps notification
  • Disabled Volume Warning on Headphone
  • Fixed scroll capture black screen
  • Updated 3minit battery mod
  • 70% transparency for gray statusbar while power saving mode is activated
  • Added ability to bypass initial setup while offline
  • Added Multiwindows toggle
  • Added Chinese keyboard for TGY abd BTI CSCs
  • Added Floating message (settings and toggle)
  • Added Toolbox supporting up to 12 apps
  • Added Swipe reset
  • Added Omini switch, amazing multitasking app
  • Added UPSM Manager
  • Added GalaxyIconThemer
  • Added 1000+ custom fonts
  • Added FasterGPS for better GPS lock based on region
  • Added Adaway

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