Imperium LL Rom

Device Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505)
Developers slim80
Downloads 255,537
Versions 12
Addons 0
Published 2017-02-17
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Features: Based on the official FW I9505XXUHOL2 Deodexed Zipaligned Rooted with SuperSU Busybox Aroma installer (thanks to amarullz) Auto format system before flashing the ROM Custom Settings for Imperium ROM - (thanks to ficeto and Goldie) ROM Controll - (thanks Kryten2k35)

Kernel: Imperium kernel

Removed: Some GAPPS and Bloatware

Integrated: AdAway Material Design (thanks to mrRobinson and Lozone) Android System Info FasterGPS

Xposed: Xposed framewok (thanks to rovo89 and arter97) Wanam Xposed - (credits to wanam) Greenify - (thanks to oasisfeng) GravityBox - (thanks to C3C076)

Mods: Viper4Android (thanks to viper520 and zhuhang) 3Minit Battery Mod (thanks to gharrington) 5 Way Reboot Multi CSC Lock Button on statusbar 3dot menu (choice in aroma) Toolbox S5 MyFiles (Archivio) S5 Memo (Promemoria) S5 MirrorLink Note3 One Hand Note4 Side Key Panel Note4 popup MultiWindows S6 sounds S6 boot and shutdown animations S6 wallpaper S6 keyboard S6 Browser S6 My Files S6 Magnifier S6 TouchWiz, Widget Meteo and fonts S6 Peel SmartRemote S6 Optical Reader S6 SnapBizCard AOSP Clock Android M wallpaper Android M sounds Android M Calculator Enabled TorchLight in Settings/Display Enabled "Edit after screen capture" option in Settings/Display Enabled more additional lockscreen effects Enabled Ambient Display on Settings Enabled Grey Scale in Power Savings Enabled many other hidden features Disable/Enable boot sound in aroma Enable/Disable Cam sound when you START and STOP a video Enable/Disable LOW Battery alarm sound in aroma Hide Sms/Mms in the call log Added Theme Support (thanks to @thehacker911) Added more themes for S4 TW (thanks to Albe95 and HITMAN-CREED) Added Note5 theme (thanks to binh24) Added Call Recording No increasing ring tone Secondary Symbol on the keyboard (choose it in aroma) Scrolling wallpaper in home for TouchWiz users (choose it in aroma) Center Clock (OTA) and more...

Tweaks: build.prop tweaks 3G tweaks Fix Memory Leak Performance, moderate and battery saver

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MD5 b099ddb4cb68ca48f485b34f88170c61
Size 1.21 GB
Android Version 5.0.1 Lollipop
Downloads 21,545
Bandwidth Used 25.5 TB

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