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Xiaomi MI5 AOSP-GEMINI-6.0 BB, smeroni68 433 4 months ago

Stable 9 (20161115):

Kernel (Gemini) * Fixed USB OTG * Fixed sdcardfs * General code updates/fixes * Updated sources to linux v3.18.44

Kernel (JFLTE) * General code updates * VoIP: more fixes + updates * Fixed sdcardfs * f2fs: full sync with 3.10.y stable branch * Kernel Patch 3.4.112->113 (only missing/good parts)

ROM * Gemini/Jflte: enable sdcardfs * Add lg G5 international to build devices (WIP) * jflte: remove unused graphics libraries * jflte: more fixes for VoIP mixers * Substratum: update to v470 (is needed a manual full uninstall/removing of installed themes and overlays!) * Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 74 * Gemini: update blobs to MIUI V8.0.2.0 Global stable version * Sensors: fix a memory leak * WebWiev: update to latest stable and beta versions released by Google

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MD5 14771aed84c7dbdb7e03b9d737f85dcb
Size 544 MB
Android Version 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Downloads 433
Bandwidth Used 230 GB

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