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JDCTeam_jdc_gemini-7.1.2-20170517-STABLE-EAS (STABLE 6)

Xiaomi MI5 AOSP-GEMINI-7.1 BB, smeroni68 1,724 11 days ago

STABLE 6 (20170517)

NOTE: MINIMUM REQUIRED FIRMWARE VERSION: MIUI 7.4.14 Global dev (flash separately). Check in Addon section:

  • Kernel (Gemini)
    • General code updates
    • Small enhancements for EAS
    • Ramdisk: move to schedutil governor
    • Ramdisk: port fs tune settings from Marlin
    • Ramdisk: relax top-app boost
    • Ramdisk: configure cpuset at boot complete
    • Only expose su when daemon is running
    • Merged CAF tag LA.UM.5.5.r1-04600-8x96.0
    • Ported and enabled CPU-BOOST
    • Rebased over latest Xiaomi code drop
  • ROM
    • build/kati: Suppress FindEmulator spam
    • Gemini: enable 32 bit specific optimisations for kryo
    • system/core/rootdir: fix cpuset not set properly sometimes after the boot
    • General translation updates
    • vendor/aosp: fixed some props not set properly in build.prop
    • bt: merged CAF tag LA.UM.5.5.r1-04300-8x96.0
    • Update sources to Android 7.1.2 Release 8
    • vendor/aosp: add Turbo apk from Marlin to build


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MD5 7a28f194d962ad753455fdf4c3459210
Size 575 MB
Android Version 7.1.2 Nougat
Downloads 1,719
Bandwidth Used 965 GB
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