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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) AOSP-JF-6.0 AntaresOne, BB, smeroni68 2,456 2 months ago

2016/11/17 (Stable 9)

  • Kernel
    • General code updates
    • VoIP: more fixes + updates
    • Fixed sdcardfs
  • ROM
    • Gemini/Jflte: enable sdcardfs
    • jflte: remove unused graphics libraries
    • jflte: more fixes for VoIP mixers
    • Substratum: update to v470 (is needed a full uninstall/removing of installed themes and overlays!)
    • Update sources to Android 6.0.1 release 74
    • Gemini: update blobs to MIUI 6.9.29 dev firmware
    • Sensors: fix a memory leak
    • WebWiev: update to latest stable and beta versions released by Google
    • Ramdisk: small fixes
    • Xposed: jni: consider /data/app to the fd whitelist if Xposed is detected

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MD5 296c92872b04d43d60ad9a9814c738ae
Size 350 MB
Android Version 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Downloads 2,453
Bandwidth Used 839 GB
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