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Samsung Galaxy S4 AOSP-JF-7.0 BB, smeroni68 11,200 2 months ago

Beta 3 (20161212)

Kernel (JFLTE) * Back to v1.5 (Fixes freeze when screen is off experienced in some variants)

Kernel (Gemini) * General code updates * Disabled Cpusets

ROM * Fixed a NPE in setup wizard * Settings: Enable storage manager like Pixel devices * base: tuner: enable navbar config + added more icons * webview_packages: prefer the more powerful webview package installed * Gemini: build power HAL * Gemini: fixed dt2w feature * jflte: move to common consumer IR HAL * Add lg G5 (h850) to buildable devices * OMS: expose some hardcoded colors * Updated translations * Settings: drop JDCSettings and move all our custom features into settings * SystemUI: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile * Status bar: added HSPA+ icons * Pixel Theme Framework Edits * Fixed reboot in recovery dialog title * Added screen record shortcut (Vol+ and power button) * Settings: fingerpint: allow devices to configure sensor location * Settings: expose PhoneInfo * OTAUpdates: updated and fixed for N * Gemini: fixed video recording * OMS: merged all latest changes from TeamSubstratum * Gemini: fixed data/wifi switch issue * Gemini: disable Cpusets * Gemini: general blobs and conf updates from stock N * frameworks/base: port some UPSTREAM fixes * General APNs updates * Sepolicy: general updates from CAF * Gemini/jflte: remove no more needed Overlays * Jflte: liblights/consumerir: drop device level HAL and move to common HAL * Update sources to Android 7.1.1 release 4 * Gemini: fix H+ icon (Workaround) * Camera2: allow to use power button as shutter * vendor/aosp: overlays: fixes + updates * Settings: enable gesture manager * frameworks/base: fixed GApps perms

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MD5 2d9323e55ded7227e22adc3d2e7e605e
Size 382 MB
Android Version 7.1.1 Nougat
Downloads 11,202
Bandwidth Used 4.08 TB

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