JDCTeam_jdc_jflte-7.1.2-20170717-STABLE (STABLE 8)

Samsung Galaxy S4 AOSP-JF-7.0 smeroni68, BB 7,453 5 months ago

STABLE 8 (20170717)


  • Kernel (jflte)
    • General code updates
    • Update sdcardfs driver with latest upstream changes
  • ROM
    • HALs/bt: Merged CAF tag LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8x96.0
    • Added Ticker feature
    • Doze: move function under Settings-->Display
    • Enable panic mode
    • jf/Gemini: capacitive keys lights up only when pressed
    • frameworks/base-native-av: updates and fixes from upstream
    • Add back tcmiface to build and remove all hacks
    • Bionic: Updates and fixes for NEON and AArch64 devices
    • Magisk: update to v13.2
    • Substratum: update to v811
    • Update turbo APK
    • Drop buggy AudioFX in favour of MusicFX from CAF
    • Update sources to Android 7.1.2 Release 24
    • Jf: temporary back to AOSP doze (until SamsungDoze is fixed)


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Android Version 7.1.2 Nougat
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