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JDCTeam_jdc_jflte-7.1.2-20170821-STABLE (STABLE 9)

Samsung Galaxy S4 AOSP-JF-7.0 smeroni68, BB 6,412 about 1 month ago

STABLE 9 (20170821)


  • Kernel (Jflte)
    • General code updates
  • ROM
    • Update sources to Android 7.1.2 Release 29
    • Added LED custom configuration settings
    • Added Status bar Network Traffic monitor
    • Frameworks/base - av: various fixes from upstream
    • CLANG: Move to SDCLANG
    • SDCLANG: enabled optimizations for various libs and parts of the ROM
    • build/Settings/vendor: add DEVICE_MANTAINERS flag, and show device mantainer name under Settings-->Phone Info
    • Jf - hw/Samsung: update lights code
    • base/DeskClock/Bionic: Removed support for power off alarm
    • vendor/aosp: Overlays: SystemUI: Display warning when temps are questionable
    • vendor/aosp: Overlays: use round icons by default like Nexus/Pixel devices
    • vendor/aosp: update APNs and sensitive_pn lists
    • base: Introduce Accidental Touch feature
    • Jflte: fixed custom Doze feature not appearing under Settings
    • Ported lockscreen blur feature
    • Substratum: update to v823
    • Update Turbo apk from August images
    • base: ported bt and AudioService fixes from CAF

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MD5 bf25c14e2d2380e4da3f7c6e5c65bf35
Size 349 MB
Android Version 7.1.2 Nougat
Downloads 6,412
Bandwidth Used 2.13 TB
NYC (Free) Frankfurt (Pro) Singapore (Pro) San Francisco (Pro)

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