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Samsung Galaxy S4 AOSP-JF-7.0 smeroni68, BB 4,006 3 months ago

Beta 2 (20161126)

Kernel (Gemini) * General code updates and fixed boot on N

Kernel (JFLTE) * General code updates * Kernel Patch 3.4.112->113 (only missing/good parts)

ROM * JDCSettings: added custom hw key rebindings feature * JDCSettings: added long press volume button skip tracks feature * Fixed device storage menu when using Adopted Storage * Fixed an NPE when ejecting the portable storage * Don't dex preopt prebuilt APKs * Gemini: update blobs from Oneplus 3 repo * Gemini: more fixes/updates for N * Gemini: move to QCOM shared graphics driver repository * jflte: bluetooth: fixed a crash caused by alarmtimer --> NOTE: this will break BT on stock kernel * jflte: update Widevine libraries * jflte: move to common graphics blobs repo * Update APNs * GCC: move to Linaro 4.9 Toolchains * Updated translations * Gemini: fixed perf issues when battery level is under 5% * JDCSettings: Added power menu customisations * Added ScreenRecord feature --> available in power menu * jflte: enable sdcardfs * jflte: VZW: fixed mobile data reconnection and IMSI issues, hopefully fixed for Sprint variant too * SuperSU: update to v2.78 SR4 * Substratum: update to v490

Enjoy our work!

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Size 379 MB
Android Version 7.1.0 Nougat
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