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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) JFLTE-GPE MattBooth 10,681 over 2 years ago

Changelog 20150123

  • Fixed tethering and enabled bluetooth tethering for all carriers
  • Updated Chrome
  • Updated Google Search
  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated AOSP Gallery
  • Updated Live walpapers
  • Updated the Inverted Teal phone/contacts app
  • Updated Interface app
  • Updated kernel to latest Googy 1.2.7
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Added full wipe option to aroma
  • Added volume panel timeout options
  • Added heads up timeout options
  • Added long press to skip tracks
  • Added hold back to kill current app
  • Added clock mods
  • Added CyanogenMOD browser option to AROMA
  • Added hardware swap file options in AROMA
  • Added CM Calculator
  • Added a choice in AROMA for Eleven and Apollo music players
  • Added AudioFX from CM12 to AROMA
  • Removed Gear Manager as it's not working
  • Removed WAV option from SoundRecorder, since it's not working
  • Live walpapers are now optional in AROMA
  • Updated build.prop

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MD5 35e6e8cc45cb7a32ba64d00668f75ac9
Size 490 MB
Android Version 5.0.1 Lollipop
Downloads 10,681
Bandwidth Used 4.99 TB
NYC (Free) Frankfurt (Pro) Singapore (Pro) San Francisco (Pro)

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