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Changelog 20150210

  • Updated Busybox to 1.23.0-Stericson
  • Updated Google Apps
  • Updated NetworkTraffic mod style to match the clock (font weight and style)
  • Updated AROMA installer - now dark themed
  • Added mDNIe Controls to Interface
  • Added stock kernel option into AROMA
  • Added a better autohide method into the Network Meter, including a threshold slider
  • Added new method for disabling hardware buttons, also added ability to use Menu button as Recents, as has been requested a lot
  • Added new method of turning off the hardware keys backlight (no more rebooting to change this)
  • Added markdown parsing of the changelog in Settings (check Settings->About->ROM Changelog)
  • Added Battery light (LED) controls
  • Added quick pull down of the quick tiles
  • Added alarm icon switching without having to toggle an alarm
  • Added IME notification icon switching
  • Added navigation bar height option (can be used to force soft menu key in apps if off)
  • Added Ambient Display (on by default - this is default Android behaviour)
  • Fixed OTAUpdates "cancel" button not updating to "install" when download finishes
  • Fixed battery views and readded the text and landscape icons. Now shows on lockscreen properly
  • Fixed clock mod to allow left clock using new CyanogenMod method
  • Fixed NetworkTraffic mod not showing a single line correctly
  • Fixed default Trebuchet layout
  • Removed hidden battery init.d hack - new battery methods work properly now

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