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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) JFLTE-GPE danvdh, MattBooth 15,793 about 2 years ago

Changelog 20150223

  • Boot animation memory leak fixed thanks to arter97
  • Fixed System FC when expanding a content sensitive notification
  • Network meter settings will now be properly themed white if stock settings is chosen in AROMA
  • Landscape navigation bar will now properly hide if set to 0 dpi
  • Updated SuperSU 2.46
  • Updated OTAUpdater to 2.2
  • Updated Googy kernel to 1.2.9
  • Updated CM APNs
  • Modded framework and apks now compiled with latest apktool
  • Removed SNote preload data

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MD5 f3399e933b215987f03e393a8ef51112
Size 533 MB
Android Version 5.0.1 Lollipop
Downloads 15,793
Bandwidth Used 8.04 TB

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