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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) JFLTE-GPE MattBooth 11,113 about 2 years ago

Changelog 20150614

  • Fixed Google Keyboard
  • Fixed OTA Updates not downloading properly (v2.4.5)

Changelog 20150613

  • Fixed Google Now FCing when used
  • Made alucard_24's kernel the default
    • Worked with him to rebase his GE5.0 kernel to be fully up to date
    • Christopher GCC 4.9.3 compiled
    • Optimised for speed (-O3)
  • Removed all installer options now. Installer simply installs. Hulk or Googy kernel can be found in their threads
  • Stock GE kernel in addons
  • DPI changing in Interface app
  • Fixed a small bug in OTA Updates, version is now v2.4.4
  • Better supersu installation method in installer. Won't affect users, but makes it easier for me.
  • New Android M default wallpaper
  • Updated Google Camera, Keyboard and Chrome

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MD5 67e4c5c46254870b600d17a5c62085c1
Size 371 MB
Android Version 5.0.1 Lollipop
Downloads 11,112
Bandwidth Used 3.93 TB
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