Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) JFLTE-GPE MattBooth 1,784 almost 3 years ago

Changelog 20150101

  • Implemented AROMA installer to customize you're installation
  • Updated to latest googy_max kernel 1.2.5
  • Kernel will auto loki for AT&T/VZW
  • Verizon and Sprint will boot with proper framework and CDMA settings right out of the box
  • Added a fix for tethering on first boot. No need to reboot or issue a command in the shell
  • Turn off experimental NuPlayer by default - Should help fix some audio stuttering issues once and for all
  • Fixed FC's in Trebuchet Launcher
  • SQlite3 will now work as intended
  • Ported CM's Changelog feature into the GPE Settings.apk. Settings->About
  • Added option for dark material Settings
  • Added a choice for AOSP Messaging with quick reply
  • AOSP Sound recorder
  • Removed Adblocking by default, made AdAway an option in AROMA
  • Added missing Emoji fonts from the Nexus 5
  • Updated latest APN entires from CyanogenMod
  • Added in Material Gallery from CM (Deleting from SD card now works)
  • Added Moto Camera option. Moto Camera cannot shoot in HDR, but supports saving to SD
  • Updated OTA Updater. Now correctly checks update on first boot and background services does run to check in time
  • Updated Interface with some new icons and added ability to choose whether to disable hardware buttons when using onscreen navigation
  • S-tweaks themed material and enhanced
  • Updated Google Play Store and Google Camera
  • Removed some unnecessary files from the zip
  • Material UI themed cLock

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