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Motorola Moto G 2014 LexodusROM hematofago10 1,936 over 2 years ago
  • ADD DEODEX in Framework
  • DarkMaterial Settigns and SystemUI
  • Increased maximum volume (Speaker and Headphones)
  • Music spectrum (Lockscreen and status bar)
  • Performance (Improvements)
  • Battery (Improvements)
  • New calculator and music APP
  • New system SOUNDS (UI)

2.--Download the ROM 3.--Boot into recovery (Must be TWRP) 4.--WIPE - Data/Cache/Dalvik/System [SIZE="5"]5.-Reboot recovery ( Reboot - recovery) [/SIZE] 6.--Flash ROM (Install) 7.-FLASH MOD DUALSIM (And Wipe dalvik cache (Just 1068) ) 8.-Reboot system :D 9.-Configure data , turn off the phone, boot in recovery. [SIZE="5"]8.-FLASH FIX (No flash it before or will lose the) [/SIZE] 11.--Reboot system :3

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MD5 d1b2ea0c6b114b75fd5cad6f8b35d15b
Size 410 MB
Android Version 5.0.2 Lollipop
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