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Samsung Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm) (i9505) Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 Side, BB, smeroni68, AntaresOne 19,409 over 1 year ago

Kernel: fixed SELinux command line property (fixes superuser access, SuperSU bootloop and STweaks)

Also includes all the changes from 16 January build, which are:

Device: sepolicy updates, other little code updates Kernel: finally fixed the stuttering audio, fixed button vibration when the screen is off, fixed freeze when booting connected to an AC/USB cable, F2FS driver updates, general code updates ROM: Android-5.1.1_r33 (LMY49F), updated security patches to 2016-01-01, fixed Cricket APN, merged all the upstream CM changes

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MD5 4f45dd71538a7cadf94cf77f08d424ac
Size 279 MB
Android Version 5.1.1 Lollipop
Downloads 19,405
Bandwidth Used 5.16 TB
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